Come play some games with the people who made them!

Virgilio San Andres

Joining us from Lakewood, CO, Virgilio is a game designer that offers games that can only be played with him!

His games are all large Con size games that support up to 16 players.  Be sure to sign up for his games!

Games:  (schedule coming soon)

  • Mario Kart: Bowser’s Courtyard  Friday 4pm – 8pm  Reserve your spot HERE.
  • Flash Gordon  Saturday 10am – 1pm  Reserve your spot HERE.
  • Blind Syndicate  Saturday 1pm – 4pm  Reserve your spot HERE.
  • Podracing: Gamblers’ Gaunlet Saturday 5pm – 8pm  Reserve your spot HERE.

Danny McKinley

Daniel is a local board game publisher joining us from Las Cruces, NM. He’ll be running many games throughout the weekend, running a few panels, and hosting a tournament for a game that he designed! He has a huge variety of games, be sure to sign up and try them all!

  • Hit Me! – Just funded from Kickstarter, Hit Me! is a push your luck card game where players are characters in a comic book style fistfight. There will also be a tournament where the winner will receive a free copy of the game!  Sign up for the tournament HERE.
  • Guildscrest – In this medium weight euro game, players take on the roles of Guild Masters in the fictional medieval town of Guildscrest. Guild Masters will a use dice drafting unlike any other game and various guild’s resources to compete in tournaments and climb the ranks of royalty.
  • The Great Escapists – You are master escape artists in a friendly competition. You will be picking locks in the truly unique roll & write game.
  • Driving Me Crazy – In the future, race car fans are tired of the same old sport of who gets to the line first. So they invent a new sport. They blindfold the drivers and see, CAN they make it to the line? This is a cooperative tile laying game.
  • Backalley Bandits – Players are pickpockets in an alley in Italy. Pay off your opponents to get to the most profitable marks in this closed auction game.
  • Tie Dice (not final title) – Coming soon from Quick Simple Fun Games, this dice game is very easy to pick up and play, but the depth of strategy builds as you see which area are more valuable and who is leading for which section.
  • For-meeple-ble Opponents – Team vs. Team in this quick strategy game of outwitting your opponents.
  • Matches – A very new take on classic card games. Players play numbered cards to either outlast the others and stay in longer, or play for personal points in this ladder climbing game.
  • Excavate! – Competing archeologists are assigned to the same fossil rich pit. Do you have what it takes to get the best sets of fossils for your private museum?
  • Candidate Land – In this political deck-building game, players are candidates running for presidency. Who can slander their opponents, manipulate the system, and buy enough votes to win!


  • Rapid Demo – Learn how to play 10 different games in an hour! Daniel McKinley will be showing how to play 10 different games in about 5 minutes each. This is great way to check out all the variety of games that I have created. Then, if you would like to try any games in full, we will be more that happy!

Matt Bromley

Matt Bromley is the lead designer, artist, and owner of Wildbird Games.  For as long as he can remember, he has been designing games for family and friends.  Wildbird Games believes in the bonds created over tabletop games and innovative ways of creating and playing those games.

Matt will be Demoing his games, running a Panel on game design, and selling the games that he has made.

Game list:

  • RoswAliens- The Mothership
  • Taco Party!  (Kickstarter April-May 2018.)
  • Woven in Myth 
  • Super Squadimals
  • Ultimate Thumwar
  • Stellar Racers
  • Kings of Krona
You can find everything about the games here:
  • The Basics of Game Design– Concept to Creation:   Learn how to turn a idea into a playable tabletop game with Matt Bromley from Wildbird Games.  He will discuss his experiences in designing games and how you can develop your components, play-test, and polish your game before production.

Taking someone on a journey has always been a passion of mine.  Whether it is through my games, writing, or artwork, I want the participant to be immersed in the experience so they can tap into their own creativity and imagination.” -Matt Bromley