Three Wizards Board Game Convention (3WC) will be providing a variety of table top based events.

These events will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Schedule.  Times for the convention.
  • Play to Win/Open Gaming with 400+ games available for checkout.
  • Scheduled Gaming for those that would like to host or sign up for a particular game in advance.
  • Tournaments for many games.    Prizes will be given to the winners.
  • Special Guests.  Play some games with the people that made them!
  • Vendors.  We will be having vendors at the convention that attendees can go to purchase table top related wares.
  • Escape Room.  Get 3 friends and try to best the puzzle room!
  • Panels. Throughout the convention, there will be an assortment of panels of varying topics that attendees are free to attend.
  • Weekend Long Events.  These are games and competitions that are potentially played by everyone at the convention throughout the weekend.
  • Video Games.  Video games brought to you by the Las Cruses Game Knights.
  • Oversized Games of our favorite games on a much larger scale.
  • Raffles.  Here is a chance to win free games throughout the convention.