Three Wizards Board Game Convention (3WC), Formerly Boarder City Game Convention (BCGC), made its debut summer 2016.   3WC is the premier tabletop gaming convention for the El Paso area. 3WC is a 3 day event for those interested in trying a new fun and friendly hobby, casual gamers looking to learn more, and seasoned gamers looking for others to enjoy a game with. Along with open gaming, other entertainment will be provided making for an event everyone can enjoy. 3WC was originally a creation by a student organization eager to share the joy of tabletop gaming with the residents of El Paso and others in the Southwest region. In hopes of starting a tradition and spreading awareness of the gaming hobby, 3WC focuses on bringing people together and promoting a sociable, fun, and safe hobby. Located in the border of two states and countries, 3WC is proud to aid bridging the gap of cultures and uniting people through fun, and friendly gaming.

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