Throughout the convention, we will be holding raffles near the registration desk. These raffles will involve an assortment of tabletop games and other related items. None of the raffle items will be public knowledge before the raffle.

Each raffle ticket has two parts. To enter the raffle, you must place 1 part of the raffle ticket in the bowl associated with the item you hope to win. Keep the second part of the ticket that says “KEEP THIS TICKET” to check if you won after the drawing. If there is any confusion about how the raffle works, please don’t hesitate to ask someone at the registration desk for assistance.

Raffle tickets can be obtained in the following ways:

  • When you receive your badge, you will be given 1 raffle ticket per day you attend.  3 Day badges award 6 raffle tickets.
  • Raffle tickets may be purchased: prices will be updated as we move closer to the con.
  • Given out for choice games and events.